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Searching for the expression of universal human qualities through the plastic arts. The origins of a new kind of artistic creativity can be found here.

Regardless of their age or origins, plastic arts produce emotional responses in people. The world of the plastic arts cannot remain unaffected by rapidly changing technology and lifestyles in society. In the department of fine arts, our teaching philosophy is to stimulate the innate human creativity of our students. We encourage them to be aware of new social currents and make connections between the past, present and future as they strive to express universal human qualities. The department has two courses: painting (oils and printmaking) and sculpture. Students undergo a comprehensive education in both theory and technique. Students gain insight into their own creativity and values, and learn an appreciation of artistic works by visiting museums and galleries. Also students visit ateliers and workshops and receive lectures from specialists, artists and critics working in each field. In this way, students come into direct contact with the latest trends in art.