General Arts College

The Nihon University College of Art is unique in Japan as a general arts college, comprising eight departments. The integration of the eight departments provides for a unique art education. Whatever their department(photography, cinema, fine art, music, literature, theatre, broadcasting or design), students have ample opportunities to study general art courses. In addition, students have many chances to exchange ideas and experiences with other artists through extra-curricula activities, such as in clubs and festivals. The largest festival, called "geisai" (Art Festival), is held every year.

Focus on Students' Individuality through Personalized Education

We emphasize practical education at Nihon University College of Art. We encourage students to develop their individuality and talent in personalized classes. Students receive direct advice and guidance from the large number of first-class artists working in the various fields represented at Nihon University College of Art. Students develop their techniques and creative ways of thinking through direct communication with their teachers. Nihon University provides an ideal education in the arts.

Producing Artists with Expressive Power

Students gain satisfaction by expressing themselves through their work. Our students are also involved in producing work aimed at inspiring new ways of thinking about fields outside of art itself, including welfare, the environment and nursing care. The college supports students in developing opportunities through internship programs and joint projects with industry. Nihon University College of Art graduates produces excellent creators in a wide variety of artistic fields.