Fine Art and Design

Course of Study

Nurturing individuals who possess both the knowledge acquired through research activities and the aesthetic sense which supports it is the main educational goal of this Master's Program, which functions as an extension of the undergraduate course. While aiming for the cultivation of higher-level specialization, the Fine Art and Design course contains elements of painting, sculpture, printmaking, modeling theory, and communication, as well as industrial and architectural design, with a variety of opportunities for creative interaction going beyond these individual fields included.

By combining traditional wisdom with the modern trends of computerization and internationalization, the course seeks to investigate the extent to which students can create through the structure of unique theme setting and method theory. Here, the constant goal of the Fine Art and Design course is the development of superb leaders for the future of visual culture.

  • Purposes of Education and Research

    Training experts in the fields of design, art, and aesthetics and art history. The course pursues creative research, artwork analysis research and historical research from a variety of perspectives, improving aesthetic sense for various types of expression such as flat, three-dimensional, and video artworks while helping students acquire both classical and modern skills and techniques. While building the ability to apply creativity to the fundamental practices of art, students also learn the basic methods of philology, pursuing cutting-edge expressive fields adapted to the IT era and unique forms of expression at the boundaries of modeling-related fields with an international perspective and awareness of connection with society.


Conditions for Completion

  1. Enrollment for at least two years or more and completion of at least 30 credits in accordance with the regulations for coursework.
  2. Submission of a dissertation and achieving a passing score for the final review and exam.
  3. Full payment of the tuition required by the regulations.