College Archive and Museum

The college of art has a substantial collection of resources for educational and research purposes including original prints, film archive, historical materials and images, paintings, sculptures, arts and crafts, kabuki costumes and many other materials. The College Archive and Museum makes its collections available to the public and is officially recognized by the Tokyo Board of Education. In addition to our permanent collections, the Archive and Museum holds approximately ten special exhibitions a year.


The library holds a collection of about 410,000 volumes of books and periodicals and approximately 7,000 audiovisual materials on DVD and CD related to the arts. The library also has a large collection of rare and academically important books, original photographic prints, original prints and literary manuscripts, which are rotated through the display space in the library.

Arts Research Center

The Arts Research Center undertakes various projects of academic research into the arts and widely publishes its results. In addition to various individual and joint research projects, the Nichigei Art Project (NAP) is an ongoing creative program of research and education that transcends the boundaries between artistic disciplines and broadcasts its results both within and outside the college. Furthermore, there are also research projects designated by the dean.

【Museum & Library Collection】