Course of Study

Transcending the boundaries between Art and Science.

The essence of "Design for Life" is connectiong the present to the future. We look for the true essence of things, which requires a hybrid approach that transcends the boundaries between art and science. In a society that respects individual lifestyles and cultural diversity, we must learn to coexist with others and with nature. The role of design is to explain the relationships between people, between people and objects and between people and their environment and to develop the wisdom and skills needed for us to live in harmony. The joy of design lies in understanding the playful nature of people's hearts and connecting with that to stimulate and energize people to produce happy societies. Designers must have a wide perspective of the trends that shape their times and raise the quality of everyday life. They are not simply concerned with the ephemeral. They create culture and industries that connect the present to the future. "Design for Life" involves continuous broad and deep study, from design for fun to thought-provoking design. •From the 2012 academic year, the current three courses in Communication Design, Industrial Design and Architectural Design will be combined into a single course.